Rhetorical Situation

In my home, I see a rhetorical situation everyday from my older sister who works for the company ViSalus. What is ViSalus? It is a health product line ranging from shakes to vitamins to drink mixes and contains the minerals and vitamins you need to either lose weight or gain muscle, depending on what you are trying to achieve. They also host 90-day challenges where you use the product for 90 days (along with your regular routine of working out and healthy meals). Typically, people will post pictures on Facebook or Instagram during their journey to what they want in terms of a “better body”. 

My older sister promotes the product with phone calls and “challenge parties” where a group gets together, tries the products and learn how to use it in their daily lives. As she promotes the product, she uses the fundamentals to gain the customer’s attention: ethos, logos and pathos.

Ethos: She herself has used to the product before and is an advocate for healthy living which establishes her ethos or credibility.

Logos: She will use statistics and tell the customer what is in the product so they know it’s a safe product to use and it does indeed work. Therefore the logos is presented as well.

Pathos: As for pathos, she will capture the audience’s attention with her story of her past problems with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis -a disease where the thyroid hormone level is too low, causing symptoms such as depression, weight gain, and excessive sleepiness (note: she is a very athletic and energetic person). Because of ViSalus, she was able to bring up the thyroid hormone levels to the average and live her life normally. Also, as mentioned earlier, people post pictures during their challenges. She will use social media to show the improvements she has made with herself using this product and at the end have a before-and-after shot revealing the true difference. This story and the use of social media will tend to bring out feelings of hope that they too can become this fabulous person and have better health.


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