Invention/Brainstorming: Americanism

In my previous post, “Ideas Causing Up a Storm”, I debated some ideas for my Rhet & Comp research project. I have finally come up with a topic: Americanism. Now, I just have to figure out what kind of argument I shall pose. There are four types of argument:

  • Definition: X is a Y
  • Evaluation: X is good/bad for Y
  • Narrative: Usually a call to action based on personal stories or vignettes
  • Causal: X causes Y

Americanism is a unique belief placed upon a nation’s people. There is no such thing as Frenchism or Spanishism or Portugesism. Americanism is the belief of the individual’s freedoms and rights as stated in the Bill of Rights. It is what the Founding Fathers fought for in the American Revolution. It is the unique system and foundations they built when setting up the country (unique compared to Europe’s governments of the 18th century).

Now, Americanism has been politicized: neoconservatism and progressivism. It is divided just like the nation. It is used to attack the opposing party. Its origins have been faded from the people’s memories and seen as merely a political strategy to win votes.

Well, it looks like I’ve found my type of argument: definition with a hint of evaluation.

Time to write my paper!


2 thoughts on “Invention/Brainstorming: Americanism

    • Americanism is the belief in the unique, revolutionary ideas of individual rights and freedoms of the 18th century.

      This idea of Americanism falls under the category of personal freedoms and social justice. Social justice because this united belief has been politicized throughout time and used as a means of gaining votes rather than protecting the people.

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