Happy Halloween!


As Halloween comes to a close and as the spirits return to their resting place, I would like to wish for one final “happy Halloween” to everyone. Hopefully it was full of sweet treats, mystery and fun.
My costume this year was Zelda Fitzgerald aka America’s first flapper. I used this for an European history project senior year and figured I could save time and money and reuse it. College girl has to save up!
For those of you who don’t know who Zelda Fitzgerald is, she is famously known as being the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald (fun fact: the “f.” Stands for Francis as is Francis Scott Key). Here are some fun facts about “America’s first flapper”:
•She was born Zelda Sayre in Montgomery, Alabama in 1900.
•She was the youngest of six children. She was also very spoiled but creative and free-spirited as well.
•She met Scott at a party and they wrote passionate love letters whole Scott was living in manhattan. He proposed saying she was his only muse but she broke it off, claiming Scott needed to find success on his own first.
•After successful publication of This Side of Paradise they married.
•She was extremely talented. Zelda painted, wrote and danced. Her interests to perfect these came about after her affair with a French aviator which strained her marriage with Scott.
•In 1930, she experienced her first mental breakdown. She was later diagnosed as a schizophrenic.
•She published only one book, Save Me the Waltz in 1932. She wrote it from John Hopkins Hospital. The novel reflects her life with the overbearing and alcoholic husband aka Scott Fitzgerald.
•The Fitzgeralds had homes in France, Italy and in 8 states around the U.S.
•Her paintings were over painted and recycled in World War II to help with the war effort. Other paintings were destroyed in a fire. She was talented and found inspiration from the NYC lifestyle, the bible, children rhymes and her loved ones.
•Zelda died in a fire that broke out in her hospital in 1948.
•In the 1970s she was seen as a feminist icon after a biography was written about her.


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