JB and Sandy

Austin, Texas is known to be weird, different, growing yet tight-knit. We have our own personality and do things the Austin way, sometimes disregarding the mainstream culture.

Today, we have lost a piece of Austin. Mix 94.7 is a radio station I listen to and have listened to since I moved here seven years ago. In the mornings, they had the “JB & Sandy Morning Show”. There’s witty JB and awesome Sandy, the hosts, along with the bubbly Sarah and hilarious Alex. Unlike syndicated national stations, they are a local radio station that care for the happenings around town. They avoid politics and religion and discuss family issues or daily life topics.

I remember listening to them unwillingly on my way to school. My mom liked the family aspect of it while I preferred what all the other kids were listening too. It wasn’t until when I started driving during my junior year of high school that I really appreciated JB & Sandy and their amazing morning show. My favorite segments were “Mission Impossible” and “4 Things You Need to Know with Sarah.” Oh and the surveys too. Those were hilarious! Mission Impossible was a segment where one of the hosts had to do something the wheel pulled up. That was on Monday at 7:05-7:10. On Tuesday at 7:10, they would perform the act. I remember Sandy had to put his whole hand in a jar of mayo. Sarah more than a month back had to go to Starbucks and dance for 60 seconds with a random stranger. Five minutes were spent just trying to look for someone in the crowded willing to do it. She did find someone, who was apparently attractive, and started a mini Facebook frenzy the day after.

The “4 Things” was always at 6:30, 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 where Sarah would give quick snippets of either local stuff, TV shows, movie revenue/ratings, and national news. It was basically your entire news info in a matter of 2-3 minutes. Their other news segment was “Your News Coast to Coast in 60 Seconds” usually sponsored by a company. It would give nationwide news then they would sometimes add local news. A couple of months back they mentioned the remodeling of the 6th Street USPS. I couldn’t help but laugh at their imitation of small town folks. “We’re like the small towns giving news about the post office!”

The surveys and questions were hilarious. One time they asked the listeners, “If you could ask one question on an online dating site what would it be?” One lady replied, “How many times he’s been married” and went on about how her match never told her until after they were married he was married FIVE TIMES. Man that was an unforgettable story!

18 years on the air and the ride is over. Hopefully, a new one will arise because the show must go on! My concern does go to their 17-year-old charity, “JB & Sandy’s Bikes for Kids.” This program raises money for kids whose families don’t have enough to get bicycles for Christmas. I hope the program will continue on and the kids will receive their bikes.

Thank you JB & Sandy! You guys are and will always be great!

JB & Sandy


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