Blood Wedding

Babs George and Alec Cudmore.

Babs George and Alec Cudmore

A couple weeks ago I went to see St. Edward’s University’s performance of Blood Wedding. For those of you who do not know, this Spanish play was written in 1932 by Federico Garcia Lorca. Long story short: the play is about death at a wedding.

The production was fantastic. The choreography in the beginning and in-between scene changes flowed well and added an extra emphasis to the mood of the environment. Kudos to Babs George who played the mother of the groom. She was amazing and scared the hell out of me during her character’s angry rants.

The Mary Moody Theater is a theater in the round, meaning there is a circular stage. This immerses the audience with the characters a hundred times more than a regular theater. However, this could also disconnect the audience’s attention from the characters due to a 360 of the audience. For example, a girl sitting across the theater sat on the front row. During the entire production, her phone lit up the theater as she was texting and taking selfies. Yes, she was taking selfies. In my opinion, this was very rude. The department has spent time and money making this production a success and here you are texting! Where has the appreciation for the arts gone? Apparently to the small little screen that you keep in your back pocket.

Act III very much caught my attention. The roles of the minor characters have switched from comic relief to foreshadowing psychics. The dialogue had also transformed from basic speech to a more stylized and lyrical speech. It was very poetic, which added to the elements of death and nature. The moon I found especially interesting. In Greek mythology, the moon is associated with the Greek Goddess Artemis (goddess of the hunt). In Blood Wedding, the moon is associated with a man who thirsts for blood. You see, the moon is resentful towards humanity because they shut its light from its home, practically “freezing” the moon. Therefore he hungers blood in order to “warm [his] cheeks.” This only adds to the broad theme of humanity in nature. The characters were unable to choose their own destiny because they resided in a superficial society that was ruled by heredity and repressive social norms.

All in all, great job St. Edward’s for putting on a fabulous play.


One thought on “Blood Wedding

  1. Very nice, Nicole! And rest assured that the rhet/comp teacher of the girl taking selfies was alerted to her bad behavior! Her actions were definitely not appropriate for the rhetorical situation. ~ Dr. H

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