Goodbye 2013!

Dear 2013,

You were a bitch. Never in my life have I experienced a roller coaster as crazy, fast and bumpy as you. You drove me absolutely nuts: lost friendships, heartbreak(s), financial issues, and a sick dog. Thank god that less than an hour from now, you will be over. Goodbye and good riddance!

2013, you may have been a crazy bitch in a bad way but you were an awesome friend in a good way. You taught me to be myself no matter what anyone tells you to be. You taught me to stand up for myself because no one else will. You taught me that those shoes on sale aren’t necessarily but paying the tuition is. You taught me that life’s rules are meant to be broken. I am in control of my life and I choose my own fate.

2013, I saw the endings and beginnings. I graduated high school and began my adventure at St. Edward’s University. I ended one manuscript and began writing more. Friendships blossomed during those May spring days and lazy summer afternoons. I saw the end of the world of the suburban bubble and the beginning of the big picture world. My time of no responsibilities and summer vacation ended but I began my fabulous job at Whole Foods. Thank you.

Thank you 2013. You have taught me many things that will help me throughout the new year.


P.S Happy New Year everyone

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