Just Be You

A few days ago my good friend Talbot and I were discussing the American hipster culture and a new story I am writing. My spiel so to speak went something like this:

“Nah I’m not a hipster. I’m just ambitious. By saying I’m hipster is mainstream because everyone thinks they’re hipster. So you are not hipster if you join the hipster culture because hipsters are against the norm. But by joining the group you are joining the norm and adapting to the expectations and norms of a stereotypical hipster. So I’m not a hipster or a mainstream. I’m just me.”

Talbot’s response: “I swear you are like Joe: an honest to God hipster.”


Why define yourself to a group? Why should one adapt themselves to fit in? Honestly, if you want to stand out in this world, just be you. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Just Be You

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