Take My Phone…Please

We live in a digital age. You can’t deny it. You are reading this from a phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. Look around: technology is among us as people bump into you and don’t even realize it because they are trying to beat their high score on Flappy Bird.

There is a time and place for everything and this rule DOES apply to technology as well. Throughout my high school career, I have come across plenty of disrespectful people who text, email, check Facebook, and tweet during class, having a conversation with a teacher, staff, or among friends. Yes I admit it, I am guilty as well. Thinking this problem would be gone in college, I was sadly mistaken. Very. Sadly. Mistaken.

Many of my professors have an open policy towards technology seeing how typing notes or recording the lecture help students study. However, they also state it is up to the student’s better judgment to not abuse this policy. I am a traditional person. I like to write my notes on my notebook because I feel my loud, fast typing would distract the students around me. I also like to record my notes with my phone but I hide my phone in my purse as to not get notifications from texts or email dings. Easy right? Well not for everyone.

People, put away your phones for just a moment and listen! How hard is it to keep your phone down for a 50 minute class or a 30 minute business meeting? IT’S NOT.

There was a girl in my Honors Narnia class last semester who used her iPad to take notes. Great. I have no problem with that. Mid-way through the semester when things (for the nerds like me) got really interesting, she slacked off and used her iPad for Pinterest. This not only distracted her, but it distracted me. By the end of the semester, she complained and hated on the professor because she got decent grades and was not the professor’s favorite. Hmmmm I wonder why…Maybe because you were focusing on your dream wedding rather than participate in the mythological discussion of Aphrodite and her imagery in The Magician’s Nephew.

Today in my business class, there was a girl who sat right next to me in the front row. All during the professor’s (who is an elder, has two hearing aids and has much experience in the healthcare industry) lecture and exam review, she was sitting here checking her email and texting under the table. Then asked to go over the review one more time. To make things even funnier, she is my project manager for our business project. Sorry girly but you lost your credibility with me.

Anyway, my point is, the text, email, notification and tweet can wait. Sure we live in a fast-paced world called 2014 but centuries old manners still matter. Respect your elders and your peers, even if it’s just for a few minutes.


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