What is Love?

When a little girl wishes to fall in love she most likely envisions a handsome prince on a white horse sweeping her away to a magical kingdom where they will happily live forever and ever until the end of eternity. As she grows older, she learns that vision of love is not so simple but rather a complex and risky process. Money or social status may be at risk. The partner is of the same sex and people don’t approve. The employment history is not up to par. So many little things that could prevent something bigger than humanity itself from blossoming.

What is love then? To be in love is an extraordinary feeling full of hundreds of emotions churning in your at once: happiness, excitement, anger, sadness, glee, confusion. Love…an adrenaline rush coursing through your veins your heart pounding at the sight of him or her walking towards you or kissing your lips.

What is love? Could it be the smile he gives? Or the sound of her giggle? Or the way you two fit perfectly in each others’ arms? For me it was the feel of his lips on my forehead and his hand over my tummy as he claimed to protect it because he couldn’t bear not hearing the cute noises and growls. Even as I write this now, my face grins as my heart sings. I love you ❤

As much as I would love for love to be just that, it’s also other things. It’s kindness and warmth, trust and compromise. It’s about respect and growth. A big thing we try to do is to never fall asleep angry at one another. That would like pushing the argument or conflict aside for the next day, never allowing things to get resolved. You don’t solve the many problems ahead by simply dusting it under the rug. You face it head on and pull the band-aid off. Don’t be stubborn, be open but be ethical as well. No relationship or marriage is perfect but just enjoy it as you two are taking a journey into the unknown realm of love.

Love could also be the bond between two friends, a parent and child or a person towards a group. I can’t imagine my life without my two awesome friends Talbot and Siddiqi. We are the old ladies who will never shut up about random things or the crazy kids who cause chaos wherever we go, laughing and shouting and acting like no one but ourselves. We are always there for one another whether in person or on the computer. I know they will have my back like they’ve done in the past and I will always have theirs when they need a helping hand. I must say some of my best moments have been with them from recreating Hitler’s invasion of Poland using only cotton balls, a pen and a toothpick to randomly tangoing in a rainstorm. A true friendship can withstand anything and everything, especially the journey out of the high school walls and into the real world.

The love between a parent and child is the strongest bond. I must admit, I do not always follow my mom’s advice but I love her like crazy. She has seen my highest and lowest points and everything in-between. She’s honest and mischievous and funny and caring. My mom is the best. She’s the sweetest person you’ll ever meet but she is fierce. If you try to hurt her girls, she will not go easy on you. She will do anything for us and I will do anything for her. I am so lucky to have a wonderful mother like her.

What is love? Why, love is everything and it is nothing. It is confusing yet clear. It is, to put it simply, a lovely dream.


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