Manners Matter

When we are young we are taught to say “please” and “thank you”, “hello” and “goodbye”, “yes sir/ma’am” or “no sir/ma’am” (if you’re from the south) and the like. Now as I grow older and with the advancement of technology, the simple etiquette skills are fading away. Please for the love of god people MIND YOUR MANNERS.

If you have seen my post, “Take My Phone…Please” then you clearly know cellphone usage during a conversation is a no no for me. Unfortunately, it still continues on. We presented our project for management over change & negotiation. In my group is an international student from Africa. He speaks Portuguese and his English is broken. Considering my parents are immigrants from South America, I have always been taught to have patience with people whose first language is not English. The kids in the class, also international kids with little English skills, sat there with their phones and laptops out not paying any attention to my group member. I am sorry but how rude! Please people, put the damn phone down and pay attention because there are people who are trying really hard here.

Manners do matter people. It’s a simple concept anyone can master. It’s more than saying “Please” and “thank you” but picking up after yourself, listening to people when they are talking to you and even opening the door for other people.

I work at Whole Foods. I love my job and my store because we are one big (sometimes dysfunctional) family. Our store is in a relatively wealthy suburban area. To put it simply: they are snobs. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of cool guests that come by but some just drive us nuts because they think they are entitled and can treat us like inferiors.

On the weekends, I work on my front runner position where I greet guests, do cart runs and market certain items while helping everyone behind the scenes as well. During my cart runs, I pick up the trash from the guests including the coupon books I passed out, sample cups with leftover food and even half-drunk coffee cups with red lipstick on the mouthpiece. I do not know if that person is sick or touched raw meat or has a sick child. A little tip if you are in my position: take a sanitizing wipe and pick it up followed by an immediate trip to the restroom to wash your hands. But that’s besides the point. The point is these hypocrites are always bragging about how they compost their food and recycle their bags and do all these things to help the planet but fail to pick up their own trash. You are not helping the planet! You are spreading diseases and bacteria around! To make matters worse, you people with kids are setting a bad example.

The other day I was outside pushing carts. As I was walking, a kid came out of his car and dumped the popcorn sample on the floor in front of me. And looked at me as if expecting me to clean it up! No! It does not work like that! You are not supposed to litter! You walk your little butt up to the trash can and dump it properly! Noticing a crowd of birds over my head, I let the birds eat the flax powder covered popcorn.

I do not mean for this to be a ranting piece, but is funny to see how common sense has left society. Here are a few tips to improve my job, along with every other person’s job, a little bit better:
– say “please” and “thank you” as if you really mean it. Don’t be snobby, be humble. We are people too.
– pick up your trash no matter where you are. You are keeping your neighborhood clean and tidy and preventing
diseases from spreading.
– teach your kids proper manners and uphold them yourselves in your daily lives. Otherwise you’re going to have
that kid who backtalks and says “well (mom/dad) doesn’t do it so why should I?”
– think of others before yourself for once in awhile. Believe me, not everything is about you.

With these little tips and notices, I hope society will wake up and smell the coffee (and then throw it away in its proper place).

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