People of the world, a terrible tragedy has happened.

On April 15th, 2014, an extremist Muslim group called Boko Haram drove into a sleepy town in Nigeria in trucks, vans, and buses. Their target: a girls boarding school. The girls (ages 15-18) were fast asleep when they awoke to the sound of gunfire and the smell of smoke. The extremists raided the school, kidnapping hundreds of girls, vanishing without a trace. About 50 girls have escaped; however, around 276 girls remain missing.

The group has released a video taunting the families, saying their daughters are going to be sold for $12 as “child brides” to militants.

These girls are brave for pursuing their education in a region where education for girls is unorthodox. These girls are brave for returning to school to take their final exams even though there was trouble in the area earlier this year. These girls are brave for learning things such as science and math. These girls are bold for wanting to become teachers, doctors and lawyers and bring their families up. These girls, both Christian and Muslims, were able to go to a school in peace. They all had one dream and were able to peacefully pursue that dream: to get an education.

And now, their dream was snatched. Dragged from their feet out of the building they called school and home. And for what? To be sold as child brides? Cruelty! To take a child away from their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and fellow students, is Just. Plain. Cruel. People of the world, I ask you to pray (in whatever way, shape or form) for these girls. These girls do NOT deserve this. No one does.



P.S – Please, do not discriminate against Muslims. Not all are like this extremist group. Thank you.


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