Whole Paycheck to Whole Bargains

It’s been more than a year that I began my adventure with Whole Foods Market and what a wonderful year it’s been. I have learned so much about organic foods, non-GMOS products, and the multiple benefits of kale (though I still refuse to eat it). One of the first things I learned when I began my journey was one of the nicknames Whole Foods had: “Whole Paycheck” because of it’s expensive prices. I know my mind is immune to the prices thanks to my lovely employee discount but I must admit things can get pretty pricey. However, the guest service given is amazing. With these helpful tips from a fellow team member, you can be saving big bucks in the long run:

1. Check out our Whole Deals coupon books. You can access them online or get the booklet at your local store. You can double up with manufacturers’ coupons. For example, there is a $2 off coupon for any Jarrow Formulas products with Whole Deals. If you check in with the Whole Body department, there should be a manufacturers’ coupon for Jarrow Formulas giving a $2 discount. That’s four dollars in savings! What if Whole Body doesn’t have it? You can go to the manufacturer’s website (in this case, Jarrow.com) and print out the coupons from there.

2. BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag. There are some cities that have placed a “bag ban” banning grocery and retail stores from using plastic bags. Now, before any team member has to hear the same “I forgot my bags I’m SOOOOO sorry” apology, please know that we have free bags made from 100% recyclable material and they are compostable. But for those who do bring their own bags, ask if there is a 10 cent bag discount. In some stores (such as my store, Bee Caves WFM), a 10 cent bag discount is given to every one of your bags we used in packing your groceries. I know it’s not much but it really does pay off in the long run if you are a regular guest.

3. Case discounts. If you look on the bottom corner of the price tag, you will find a number, typically “12” or “24”. This is the quantity of items you need to buy to get a 10% case discount. Do not worry, you can mix and match if they are the same type of product from the same brand. For example, you can buy any 12 Luna bars and they will give you a 10% case discount. If you buy any 6 Daily Greens juices, you will get a 10% case discount. If you buy 4 six-packs of the same beer, a 10% case discount will be given (you may want to check state laws to be sure discounts are allowed). 2 twelve-packs of La Croix (any flavors): 10% discount. 4 gallons of the same brand milk: 10%. 12 cups of yogurt of the same brand (most brands are 12): 10%. The best-seller is at least 6 bottles of ANY wine (excluding Three Wishes) will get you a 10% case discount PLUS a free wine bag to carry your goodies. This will come very handy when the holidays roll around.


Hopefully these little tips help you on your next trip to WFM. Have a good one!


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