June 28, 2014

“It was a vision of the one thing that we both hoped someday would be…the warmth of our bodies next to each other’s, reflected in sunset of our secret place… We longed for it to be like this, each and every evening… Dancing in the night, playing hide-and-seek in the day, the beauty of our souls blossoms… Never before had we felt so happy, never before had we felt so alive… We hear the birds, sensing the cheerful breeze, the rainbow’s end does linger here….our tenderness, sighs and spirits speak and we do know clear… This place is where love and laughter meet… You take my hand, kiss each finger tip, with tears in your eyes you touch my cheek and whisper of how wondrous this, we share our love once again. The love that gives us wings to fly anew. Our hearts in sweet pleasing pain beat as one in the rhythm of long forgotten yet melody… Together again at this wondrous place, where just our presence adds more grace and makes it what was meant to be – a place for you a place for me…” – Oksana Rus

Reading Oksana Rus quotes restores my faith in true love. To fall in love with a gentleman and share moments like these. If patience is the key, then I will certainly wait for it will be worth it in the end. For those of you passionately in love, enjoy your summer days (or winter days depending on where you are in the world) with your loved one. Whether it’s on the beach or cuddled by the fire, enjoy every minute of it. Because it’s a feeling indescribable to human comprehension.


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