Things Hispanic People are Tired of Hearing

Though I should be reading my International Relations article on Realism, Liberalism and other theories or studying for my French exam on Monday,  I couldn’t help myself reading this hilarious article from Cosmo. Yesterday, Cosmo published this article, “12 Things All Latinas Are Tired of Hearing“. I am Hispanic and oh my god I could so relate to this. Questions (or commands) include: “Do you speak Spanish?” or “Say something in Spanish!” or “I love Hispanics/Latinas”. People! Quit you’re stereotyping! What if I told you: “Oh you’re American? You don’t look like a McDonald’s loving red neck or Wall Street Yankee.” Yeah, it would get on your nerves too after awhile.

The only question missing in this article is this: “Oh you speak Spanish? Are you Mexican?” I have met some very nice people from Mexico but for the love of God, Mexico isn’t the only Spanish-speaking country in the world! I remember in high school there was a girl who asked me if I was Mexican because she heard me talking on the phone in Spanish. I told her no, I am Peruvian-American. Her response: “Where is Peru?” *facepalm* This could be due to an intensely dense brain or the fact schools only teach Mexico’s, Spain’s and the Caribbean’s involvement with the development of the United States along with the current political issues of border control with Mexico.

This does not only apply strictly to Latinas. Asians and other non-white groups also feel the same thing. It’s like asking an Asian if they are intelligent or are from China. Or asking an African American if they like fried chicken. Quit your stereotyping please. If you put that aside and talk to the person and realize the person’s true nature, maybe we can get along a little bit better.

So Latinas and Hispanics, wanna have a laugh? Read the article. I cracked up for a good five minutes realizing all that is completely true.


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