October 9, 2014

I am not one to admit defeat, especially with my academic grades. I went to Catholic school for my primary education and a very academically competitive middle and high school. I take studies, or really, everything, to a high standard. It’s quite insane to comprehend so I’ll leave that for another day.

On Tuesday in my Honors Shakespearian Theater class, my The Merchant of Venice paper regarding a speech and the interpretation behind it was returned. I saw the grade and would not admit to anyone for a good while, nearly coming to tears as my first D+ and explanation behind it stared at me in the face. Yes, the straight A student got her first D+ in college. Believe me, I got quite discouraged and vented to my friend Talbot for some ten minutes or so. I am so happy I have him as a friend because here is his response:

“One bad grade isn’t the end of everything. I know you hold yourself to high standards, and that’s a great thing. Don’t get me wrong. But one bad grade, or even a bad class isn’t the end of the world. Seriously, just chill out, do the revision, push through and do what you need to do. You have your family and friends here for you to help whenever. And sometimes its ok to give up when things are too tough, but you should always keep going up until you’ve done all you can. And I know you still got alot more in ya. You’re like a fiery phoenix, full of life and energy up until the end only to be reborn with a new fire, a new passion, a new life. So keep on flying, and keep on burning you amazing phoenix. You can do it, I believe in you.” – Talbot

Thanks Talbot. Because of your pep talk, I can now look at my paper and revise it while laughing really hard at the D+. Hahaha


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