November 7, 2014

Once again, my brother has come and given me the common sense to think things through and take things one step at a time. To put things into context, I am trying to decide what to do with my future. Finding out getting a Masters in Economics or Literary Arts at NYU, Brown or Princeton cost a lot of money (like $100 grand for one year type) wasn’t the best highlight of my week…and neither is realizing another celebrity writing amateur fiction and getting that published solely for the sake of their fame when you’ve tried since your freshmen year of high school to get something that questions the ways of politics, culture and romance in today’s society and have gotten rejection letter after rejection letter.

Here was my reason for frustration (aside from the things mentioned from above):

“No one values hard work anymore. It’s all money and how famous you are, which really stinks because I want to bring my family up. Being the child of Peruvian immigrants and knowing your parents’ situations when they were growing up, there is a sorta pressure placed on you. That’s a large portion of my ambition and motivation. Bring the family name up the social ladder and prove the American dream still exists. That you can start on the rock bottom and end up on top, or at least near the top. I don’t desire fame but I do desire recognition for my hard work and becoming a historical figure would be cool. I just want to be role model for younger people in society.”

Talbot’s response:

“Think about it in the grand scheme of things for a second. Where we are in life is in the top class of the world, even if it doesn’t seem like it to us. Where we are socioeconomically is way higher than most of the world can even dream of. So compared to most of the world I think we’ve made it. You can always go higher, true but at the same time in reality we’re really high up there. And as far as being recognized by society, Society is always gonna recognize the idiot fame whores in our present and a small part of people who actually deserve it. Its only after we’re gone that society can truly reflect on what good we’ve done for it. And not everybody is gonna be world famous. That’s the cold hard truth. But if we make any kind of impact at all in the lives of somebody, that could always end up being a bigger impact than we could ever imagine.”

Thanks bro!


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