I, Sisyphus

Monsieur Curtis Des Marais wrote “I, Sisyphus” based on the Greek myth as the “perfect allegory to my love life”. For those of you who don’t know, Sisyphusis an Ancient Greek king who was deceived by the gods. The gods said if he could get a boulder to the top of a hill, he’d be rewarded. However, whenever he got the boulder near the top, it would roll back to the bottom making him effectively pushing it forever. It’s a great poem and I hope you enjoy it.

Sisyphus is now my name,
to push that boulder is my only game,
when I pushed that boulder near the peak,
it only rolled back down waging its vile speak

Sisyphus is now my name,
retrieving that boulder to retry the same,
when I push that rich sapphire boulder to the tip,
it’s pulled back down by the Earth’s paternal grip,

Sisyphus is now my name,
retreading that boulder once more laking shame,
once more it falls approaching the summit’s final rock,
weighed down by its hidden golden shackle bound by a diamond lock,

Sisyphus is now my name,
retrying my task yet again despite no gain,
I used my might to push that boulder up that mountain’s blistering snow,
only to have it roll back down to one who pushed it long ago

Sisyphus is now my name,
entering that endless cycle once again in vain,
will my boulder ever reach that final height
the vantage point of beautiful sight,
my boulder is a kin to Icarus approaching the sun’s light
binding me forevermore to my eternal plight
my heart’s desire is the culprit here to blame
so now Sisyphus can be nothing but my only name

-Curtis Des Marais


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