Ode to My World

My good friend Monsieur Curtis Des Marais is at it again! This poem is called “Ode to My World”. It is quite romantic and beautiful. Ladies, romance still exists in the world! The romantic artists are still alive and thriving! Whoever falls into the grips of this fella sure is lucky. Good job Curtis!

Your skin like porcelain of the Orient,
How Dutch tulips match your sent,
Oh skin so soft like an Indian saree,
Intoxicate me like Irish Whiskey and Barely,

Hair flowing like the American waves of grain,
So vibrant like the Night Lights of Spain,
So course like the thick Russian Snow,
Smooth like the silk of old Japanese Daimyo

Eyes a work that belong in the French Louvre,
A Masterpiece that sent 1000 Greek ships on the move,
How they look so sweet like a Turkish Delight,
Oh how they Sparkle like the stars of an Arabian Night

teeth so white like Ivory from a West African Bay,
a smile so warm like a cup of English Earl Grey,
gleaming like the lights of the Arctic North,
how I value it like Swiss bullion worth

Sailing the seas of your soul and walking the lands of your heart,
a conquest like that of Alexander, Khan, and Bonaparte,
personality serine as the rainforests and a spirit like birds flying free,
I give you this ode my darling… cause you are the world to me


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