December 8, 2014

“All I did was come up with what I thought was a fun idea that was the result of a little box that was attached to a television set. It just grew and grew and grew.” – Ralph Baer

Seeing how my favorite boys are video game fanatics, I’ll do this post for them. Mr. Ralph Baer, may you rest in peace. For those of you who may not know, German-born engineer Ralph Baer, 92, is the “Father of video games”. He invented the “Brown Box”, a simple, basically primitive compared to today’s consoles, that had about twelve games including golf, football and ping pong. This was the revolution that created today’s multi-billion dollar gaming industry. I liked this quote from him because even the smallest of ideas can create huge revolutions. And it doesn’t apply to just technology but literature, art, business, science, any field, really.

So go ahead you dreamer. Give your idea substance. Because, you never know, you may just spark a revolution. 😉


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