Amélie (2001)


Amélie is a romantic comedy starring Audrey Tautou and Mathieu Kassovitz. Amélie is a naïve young woman who decides to better the lives of other after she helps a man find his childhood box of treasures. She convinces her father to travel the world after stealing his gnome and giving it to a flight attendant to take pictures of the gnome on landmarks all over the world. She tries to get a regular customer and her middle-aged coworker together. She keeps Mr. Dufayel, aka “The Glass Man”, company as he paints his version of Renoir’s “Luncheon of the Boating Party”. Finally, Amélie helps herself after she finds a quirky young man’s photo album and falls in love with him. She plays a game of cat and mouse to get his attention and when they finally meet face to face, they begin their relationship.

I very much enjoyed Amélie. The tint gave the film a whimsical feel. The score was beautiful and simplistic. It added emphasis in the right moments too like when Amélie opened the door and found Nino standing at the door. Though I must admit, it confused me in the beginning when she started helping all those people but I liked how everything tied together in the end. My favorite character would have to be Mr. Dufayel. He’s insightful and sneakily pushes Amélie to explore herself and take risks. All in all, it was a great film and it deserved all the rewards it received. Plus, Audrey Tautou is my favorite French actress. Props to her. 🙂


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