Nik’s Poem

dear Nik,

merry Christmas! It is said it is the thought that counts. I hope you don’t mind me posting this on my blog but you are indeed a very creative, philosophical poet. Who knows? Maybe you might just give someone other than me a philisophical moment of the day. Merry Christmas!


How can a thinker summarize what he knows
For future generations who yearn to learn
That which their fathers had discovered?

How can a philosopher or dreamer pen
All of his ideas in orderly fashion
And still convey the essence of his thoughts?

How can a poet, a writer of lines, describe
The indescribable beauty of the woman before me
Who humbles him so that words can only fail?

If I were that poet I could only try as he
Knowing that all I wrote would for others be
Gibberish that made no sense

But to me those garbled words
Would always remind me of you
And so be more precious than any
Other book no matter how eloquent


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