Hello Again!

Hello ladies and gents!

It’s been awhile, I know. Took a hiatus to focus on school and work but I’m back now. Well, sort of. Though no journey truly never ends, and YWWY is no exception, new roads open up. Roads you never would have expected.  That being said, I have a new blog, Zelly & Ol’ Hem’s, which started in March 2017. Yes, it’s named after the adventurous spirits of Zelda Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. 🙂

You’ll find favorites like the Quote of the Day and movie recommendations and new content like poems and what I like to call “Thoughts on Things”. Hate change? Don’t worry. This site isn’t going anywhere. Check out the YWWY archives.

Hope you will give Zelly & Ol’ Hem’s a chance.

Follow me at www.zeehweb.wordpress.com and don’t forget to use #z&h when recommending the site. 🙂

Thank you for all your support my fellow followers! Merci! Спасибо! شكرا !

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 7.44.26 PM



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