February 12, 2015

“Remember that there is only one important time and its Now. The present moment is the only time over which we have dominion. The most important person is always the persone with whom you are, who is right before you, for who knows if you will have dealings with any other person in the future. The most important pursuit is making that person, the one standing by your side, HAPPY, for that alone is the pursuit of life.”

– Leo Tolstoy


February 10, 2015


February 9, 2015

“Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. Everything is, everything exists, only because I love. Everything is united by it alone. Love is God, and to die means that I, a particle of love, shall return to the general and eternal source.” – Leo Tolstoy

February 4, 2015

“The past is but the beginning of a beginning, and all that is or has been is but the twilight of the dawn.” – H.G Wells

Considering my current book project has to do with time, I saw this quote as a nice fit. Happy Wednesday!

December 16, 2014


The White Dot (1923)

For the sake of my bro Talbot, a fan of anything Russian, here you go:

Happy 184th Birthday Wassily Kandinsky, Russian abstract painter.

December 8, 2014

“All I did was come up with what I thought was a fun idea that was the result of a little box that was attached to a television set. It just grew and grew and grew.” – Ralph Baer

Seeing how my favorite boys are video game fanatics, I’ll do this post for them. Mr. Ralph Baer, may you rest in peace. For those of you who may not know, German-born engineer Ralph Baer, 92, is the “Father of video games”. He invented the “Brown Box”, a simple, basically primitive compared to today’s consoles, that had about twelve games including golf, football and ping pong. This was the revolution that created today’s multi-billion dollar gaming industry. I liked this quote from him because even the smallest of ideas can create huge revolutions. And it doesn’t apply to just technology but literature, art, business, science, any field, really.

So go ahead you dreamer. Give your idea substance. Because, you never know, you may just spark a revolution. 😉

November 7, 2014

Once again, my brother has come and given me the common sense to think things through and take things one step at a time. To put things into context, I am trying to decide what to do with my future. Finding out getting a Masters in Economics or Literary Arts at NYU, Brown or Princeton cost a lot of money (like $100 grand for one year type) wasn’t the best highlight of my week…and neither is realizing another celebrity writing amateur fiction and getting that published solely for the sake of their fame when you’ve tried since your freshmen year of high school to get something that questions the ways of politics, culture and romance in today’s society and have gotten rejection letter after rejection letter.

Here was my reason for frustration (aside from the things mentioned from above):

“No one values hard work anymore. It’s all money and how famous you are, which really stinks because I want to bring my family up. Being the child of Peruvian immigrants and knowing your parents’ situations when they were growing up, there is a sorta pressure placed on you. That’s a large portion of my ambition and motivation. Bring the family name up the social ladder and prove the American dream still exists. That you can start on the rock bottom and end up on top, or at least near the top. I don’t desire fame but I do desire recognition for my hard work and becoming a historical figure would be cool. I just want to be role model for younger people in society.”

Talbot’s response:

“Think about it in the grand scheme of things for a second. Where we are in life is in the top class of the world, even if it doesn’t seem like it to us. Where we are socioeconomically is way higher than most of the world can even dream of. So compared to most of the world I think we’ve made it. You can always go higher, true but at the same time in reality we’re really high up there. And as far as being recognized by society, Society is always gonna recognize the idiot fame whores in our present and a small part of people who actually deserve it. Its only after we’re gone that society can truly reflect on what good we’ve done for it. And not everybody is gonna be world famous. That’s the cold hard truth. But if we make any kind of impact at all in the lives of somebody, that could always end up being a bigger impact than we could ever imagine.”

Thanks bro!

October 17, 2014

“Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.” – Jane Austen

For those of you who are sick as a dog like me or finally have the day off, this one is for you. Happy Friday!

October 14, 2014

Photo Oct 16, 9 16 05 AM

To you whom I write to, I am thankful to have met you. You taught me what it is like to live rather than simply exist in the world. I could not have asked for a better best friend ❤ May the next 20 years, no 100 years, be filled with adventures and life. I love you 🙂 Happy 20th birthday!!!!!

October 9, 2014

I am not one to admit defeat, especially with my academic grades. I went to Catholic school for my primary education and a very academically competitive middle and high school. I take studies, or really, everything, to a high standard. It’s quite insane to comprehend so I’ll leave that for another day.

On Tuesday in my Honors Shakespearian Theater class, my The Merchant of Venice paper regarding a speech and the interpretation behind it was returned. I saw the grade and would not admit to anyone for a good while, nearly coming to tears as my first D+ and explanation behind it stared at me in the face. Yes, the straight A student got her first D+ in college. Believe me, I got quite discouraged and vented to my friend Talbot for some ten minutes or so. I am so happy I have him as a friend because here is his response:

“One bad grade isn’t the end of everything. I know you hold yourself to high standards, and that’s a great thing. Don’t get me wrong. But one bad grade, or even a bad class isn’t the end of the world. Seriously, just chill out, do the revision, push through and do what you need to do. You have your family and friends here for you to help whenever. And sometimes its ok to give up when things are too tough, but you should always keep going up until you’ve done all you can. And I know you still got alot more in ya. You’re like a fiery phoenix, full of life and energy up until the end only to be reborn with a new fire, a new passion, a new life. So keep on flying, and keep on burning you amazing phoenix. You can do it, I believe in you.” – Talbot

Thanks Talbot. Because of your pep talk, I can now look at my paper and revise it while laughing really hard at the D+. Hahaha